Artist Statement


The landscape paintings capture singular, solitary moments that rest on the fragile and fleeting edge of oblivion.  The viewer is drawn in, inspired to mindfulness of the moment, invited to consider the transitory nature of the uninhabited world, and in the process incited to engage with and reconcile a multitude of complex human emotions (isolation, peace, awe, seclusion, loneliness, spirituality, and wonderment). 

Warm colors from deep space works their way through the layers of textured paint like rays of light, creating something that is both radiant and ephemeral, while subtle transitions of color move quietly across the painting, further emphasizing the transience of the moment.



The figurative body of work focuses on varies narratives created by messaging in gestural (body) language as well as a voyeuristic sensation when peering at unsuspecting subjects. The medium is egg tempera and oil utilizing the Venetian painting techniques during the renaissance.